M&A Services

PwC: Global M&A activity increased sharply in the second half of 2020

Development of transport infrastructure

Need 200,000 billion VND to develop Western traffic

Transactions and E-Commerce

Livestream on e-commerce – a hot job for young people

What we do

At FDH, we consider business activities that bring meaning to people and the community as pride and aspiration in everyone at FDH on the journey to build greater values. for the company and society in the future.

Transactions & e-commerce

The rapid development of technology has allowed E-Commerce to become the greatest development trend of all time. We have invested in the trading and e-commerce market to optimize profits in the
technology and food sector.

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Development of transport infrastructure

Real estate is one of the business fields that is developing strongly and attracting many investors. We’ve consulted large projects such as industrial parks, urban areas, and ecological zones based on our rich database

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Science and technology

Our group companies are the bridge for European technologies to import to Vietnam to transfer the latest trends, focusing on IR 4.0. Education, Transport, Medicine, and renewable energy are fields where we are developing IT projects.

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Property Management & Investment

We help people, businesses and institutions build, preserve and manage wealth. We offer a broad range of investment banking products and services to pursue their financial goals. Our clients include leading corporations, financial sponsors, high-net-worth individuals, and foreign clients.

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M&A Service

FDH offers guidance to client companies that plan to buy, sell or restructure their business. We assist companies through various types of corporate transactions as well as support debt and equity financing in diversified cases.

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    Message from BOD

     FDH was established in 2018 by aspiring and enthusiastic intellectuals with outstanding vision, pioneering mindsets, and approaching problems in a new direction. FDH HOLDINGS have accomplished achievements in key areas of the economy such as M&A services, transport infrastructure, urban areas, industrial parks, energy, wealth, investment management, science, and advanced technology transfer. In any given field, FDH has been recognized as a dynamic, professional, transparent enterprise, consistently creating breakthrough innovations, bringing sustainable benefits to customers and shareholders.

    Developing constantly, FDH is proud to be a corporation working with multiple sectors of the economy, actively contributing towards the development of many private economic sectors and creating a proud image of Vietnam’s aspiration for economic integration that is self-reliant, innovative, modernized and evolving.
    Immersed in the rapid development of the Science and Technology revolution with the mindset of striving to become a global economic corporation, FDH is constantly creatively innovating to develop a sustainable, effective, environmental and community friendly business. FDH seeks to improve business standards, access to international markets, optimize resources with a professional, flexible and diversified ecosystem as an international investment institution.

    Thank you to the institutions and individuals at home and abroad who have cooperated, accompanied and supported us in the past. We believe that, with a good corporate culture, a professional working environment based on the foundation of intellectuals, along with a passionate, dedicated, creative and unique working spirit that puts people as the foundation in the development of investment and business activities with the principle of closely implementing the commitments of reliable, long-term and understanding cooperation. FDH will harvest great success and build even greater values.

    At FDH, we consider business activities bringing meaning for the people, for the community, which is the pride and aspiration in everyone at FDH on the journey to build greater values for the company and society in future. Together, we are going to create an excellent, democratic, prosperous and sustainable society!

    Yours sincerely!
    Hanoi, Vietnam 2021

    Member companies

    Continuously developing, FDH is proud to be a multi-industry economic group, actively contributing to the development of private economic sectors and creating the image of Vietnam’s aspiration for integration and self-reliance. strengthen, innovate and develop.